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PLC and Robot programming training courses

Manganorobot has also developed a training sector, by which we can convey our knowledge about programming Robot and PLC.

The advantage of using our training is undoubtedly the ability to organize tailor made courses, according to the needs of the customer. All our courses are designed and developed with the idea of training technicians who have to be immediately put into action. It is therefore a combination of theoretical learning and practicing online/offline

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PLC courses

Our PLC courses are designed to train professionals who identify themselves as PLC Technician.
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Robot courses

Thanks to our experienced technicians, we can offer our training services to businesses, individuals, and schools.
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We have developed the training sector in order to share our knowledge with all interested individuals who are building a career in the field of process automation. Our trainings are intended for individuals, schools and companies, and the main advantage of attending the training with us is the creation of training in accordance with the needs of the participants.

The trainings are created and held by our employed robot and PLC programmers who, thanks to their rich experience in working on various projects around the world, can offer participants a combination of practical exercises and theoretical knowledge. In that way, the participants are fully trained for the practical application of the acquired knowledge and independent work after the completed training.

Robot training

KUKA Robot training

Robot programming training provides participants with a basic understanding and programming of robots, including handling, axis calibration, TCP calculation, workspace calculation, program creation, their running via PLC, storage and setup.During the training, we share our practical experiences, gained by working in the field in the world's largest automated plants. We place special emphasis on the safety and safe handling of robots.

Advanced robot programming

Advanced robot programming training provides participants with knowledge about the configuration of Field-bus network systems, advanced functions on the control panel, the structure of complex programs.

Robot Programming Specialized

The specialized robot programming training introduces the participants to the standards in the automotive industry and their application. We also offer trainings specially designed in accordance with the needs of the clients in their workspace, adapted to the specifics of existing equipment.
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PLC courses

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Basic PLC programming

Our PLC courses are designed to train professionals who identify themselves as PLC Technician Programmers. These classes are ideal for technicians who wish to develop their knowledge in the field of industrial automation, by the use of latest generation programmable logic controls.

Training information

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