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On robot is a Danish company that provides solutions to small and medium-sized production companies in the process of process optimization and business improvement with greater flexibility, greater production volume and higher quality. The On robot company product range includes tools with a wide range of applications in a variety of industries including electric and vacuum grippers, award-winning Gecko gripper technology, force/torque sensors, grinding kits and tool replacement. All of the above offers customers faster and simpler automation of processes such as packaging, quality control, material handling, machine maintenance, palletization, assembly, finishing process.
By partnering with the company On robot, we have provided our customers in the country and the region with easy and fast access to all items from their product range.

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RG2 griper

Nosivosti do 2 kg
Max raspon hvataljki 110mm
Automatska detekcija raspona
Ugrađeni quick changer do 110 mm hoda
Fleksibilni griper pogodan za širok spektar oblika i veličina
Automatski proračun AAP-a eliminiše potrebu za opsežnim programiranjem uz smanjenje vremena potrebnog za pripremu