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Manganorobot: since 2006 with passion and enthusiasm

Our young and dynamic team consists of experienced technicians. The internal crew, supported by valid external collaborators, and always ready to keep abreast of permanently evolving new technologies, allow us to guarantee our customers a professionally working team for any operational requirements.

Company Manganorobot

The Mangano Brothers began their professional career in 1999.

Back then, they took their first steps in the national and intercontinental industrial automation market. Over the years they have honed and improved their know-how in the field of automated industry and developed their own work method. In Turin (Italy) in 2006, finally the present company of Manganorobot Srl was launched.

Our excellent knowledge of latest technologies related to production processes, allows us to manage and control the handling of all resources.

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Miloš Aničić Co-founder & CEO

We develop and provide solutions for large industrial production lines worldwide with our experienced certified technicians.

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Daniele Mangano Co-founder
In an impressively short period of time, the company managed to double the business volume, thanks to the dedication and passion that have always characterized our team. Our activities are based on the experience of these three business partners who have worked directly on the subject for years, and therefore have been able to permanently increase their know-how and problem-solving skills, needed to offer high quality services to the world market.
In 2012, the well-known expert Claudio Vanzella, with thirty years of experience in the organization and management of industrial automated systems, became business partner of the Mangano Brothers. His knowledge and expertise has allowed Manganorobot to expand their business and to enlarge the types of services supplied to the worldwide automation industry.
Manganorobot began to establish in the international market, recognized and acknowledged for its
  • quality
  • professionalism

Manganorobot technicians support customers all around the world and in various industries such as:




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